General Insurance

Life is full of endless opportunities. With that comes the need to prepare yourself for uncertainties that lie ahead. Securing the right insurance policy goes a long way in safeguarding your future.

General Insurance policy protects your business by providing the financial resources necessary to keep it operational when unexpected events happen.

Geminia Insurance provides you with different categories of General Insurance to choose from with regards to the nature of your business.

General Insurance covers several different categories:

Fire and Unrelated Perils

Fire: This involves damage occurring due to lightening, explosion-in boilers or gases.

  • Special perils: Damage occurring due to strikes, riots, malicious damage and civil commotion. Other special perils include; chemical perils and natural perils e.g. storms and earthquakes.
  • Miscellaneous perils: These are not indefinite damages caused e.g. escape of water, damage by aerial devices e.g. air crafts and impact damage to buildings by vehicles.
  • Fire consequential loss / business Interruption: This covers for loss of earnings arising after a damage insured under the fire including special perils.
Theft Insurance Burglary

Enables you to pursue claims for damage or loss of property arising due to theft.

Burglary policy can be extended to cover “hold-up” which is theft accompanied by assault or violence or threat to the insured or employees.

All Risks Insurance

This is the most extensive cover available for property. The policy covers loss or damage to property from all perils other than the ones included.

Exclusions :

  • Wear, tear, gradual deterioration, atmospheric condition, mildew, moth, vermin or insects.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown or derangement, unless caused by accidental, external means.
  • Breakage of glass (other than lenses) or articles of brittle nature (other than jewelry), unless breakage is caused by fire or theft.
  • Money and unrelated items
  • Theft of any insured property from the motor vehicles unless the property stolen is contained at the time of loss in a locked boot or locked forming an integral part of the vehicle.
  • Loss or damage due to or arising out of delay, confiscation or detention by customs or other officials or authorities.
Money Insurance

Money insurance policy covers: loss of money arising out of theft at premises, or while in transit to and from bank- or customers in a ‘hold-up’ situation.

Loss or damage to any safe or strong room specified in the schedule or any case in which money is being carried, the property of the insured or for which the insured is legally responsible, caused by theft or attempted theft.

Under the policy, money is defined as cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, postal orders, money orders and current postage and revenue stamps.

Good in Transit Insurance

Good in transit insurance covers loss, destruction or damage to the property insured caused by fire, theft and accidental means, while in or on or being loaded or unloaded, from any road, vehicle, train or temporarily housed, in ordinary course of transit whether on or off the said conveyances. Cover may be restricted to loss, destruction or damage by fire or due to collision, overturning of the conveying vehicle only including loading or offloading damages. The type of policy issued depends on the needs of the particular insured.

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