Asset All Risks Insurance

What is Asset All Risks Insurance

This is a combined policy that combines various covers to ensure all assets of a company are fully insured.  It includes cover for fire, burglary, consequential loss, machinery breakdown, electronic equipment, all risks, plate glass, money, fidelity guarantee, public liability among others. All sections will have specific sums insured and will also be subject to the normal terms, conditions, and warranties for the specific class.

Fire, burglary, consequential loss, machine failure, electronic equipment, and all other possible risks.

Geminia Asset All Risk Insurance


What is the Claims Documentation Required?

  • Claim form duly completed
  • Purchase receipts / Invoices
  • A detailed statement of incident
  • Salvage in case of a total loss
  • Any other documentation that may be specified
  • Police Abstract report in case of theft
  • Replacement invoices
  • Repairer’s technical report in material damage cases

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