Employers Liability Insurance

What is Employers Liability Insurance?

This policy offers protection to employers for their legal liability (under Common Law), for damages and claimant’s costs and expenses of lawsuits filed by an injured employee

  1. Legal Liability
  2. Court Awards
Geminia Employers Liability Insurance


What are the cover benefits?

The benefits covered are divided into four categories: court costs, damages, settlement claims, and consequential claims.

Who is Eligible to take an Employers Liability insurance cover.

All employers are eligible to take an E.L cover for all employees working for them, the employer’s liability cover cannot be taken on standalone basis and must be accompanied by a WIBA cover.

How much will it cost to get an Employers Liability Insurance.

The cost of employers liability insurance will be a percentage of the WIBA premium i.e (Option A-25%, Option B – 30%, Option C – 35%, Option D – 40%) all these options have different coverages.

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