Machinery Breakdown Insurance

What is Machinery Breakdown Insurance?

This policy will protect the business owners’ machinery against sudden accidental loss as a result of electrical damage, centrifugal forces, lack of water, foreign bodies, failures in safety devices, overheating, impact, shock, pressure or lubrication defect.

1. Shortage of water
2. Physical explosion
3. Short-circuiting
4. Tearing apart arising from the day-to-day usage of the machine
5. Malicious damage
6. Faulty design
7. Fault at the workmanship

This policy may be extended to cover.

  • Loss of profits following, machinery breakdown
  • Cost of hiring alternative machinery

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Geminia Machine Breakdown


Does the policy cover the machinery during installation?

Damage that may occur during the installation of the machinery is not covered, a separate policy(Erection all risk) can however be taken to cover this risk.

Does the policy cover for loss of income during the period that the machine is broken down?

The standard machinery breakdown policy does not cover this, however, it can be extended to cover Loss of profits following machinery breakdown and the cost of hiring alternative machinery at an additional premium.

How does the insurance company handle machinery breakdown claims?

Geminia Insurance will have a loss adjuster review the extent of loss and claims will either be settled on cash basis or appointing a repairer.

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