Contractors’ Plant & Machinery

What is Contractors’ Plant & Machinery?

This cover is designed to protect the contractors’ equipment against unforeseen accidental physical loss or damage whilst being used at the construction site for the execution of the insured project. The machinery can be covered whilst it is at rest, being dismantled for cleaning or overhauling, during subsequent re-erection, or being transported within the contract site.

  1. Costs of all materials and all temporary and permanent works.
  2. Principal’s existing property
  3. Contractors’ plant, equipment, and machinery at the project site,
  4. Reasonable costs for removing debris
  5. Loss or damage to third parties arising from the execution of the project
Geminia Contractors’ Plant & Machinery


What is the Claims Documentation Required?

  • Statement of loss by insured
  • Documents in support of the claim
  • Any other documentation that may be specified

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