Livestock Insurance

What is Livestock Insurance ?

This insurance covers provides indemnity in respect to the Insured’s livestock during the period of Insurance due to death as a result of

  • Accidents
  • Illness and disease of terminal nature.
  • Epidemics (except those arising from Rift Valley Fever and Foot and Mouth after notification)
  • Emergency slaughter on the advice of a qualified veterinary surgeon.

The livestock cover can be extended to cover theft of animals, transit risks, calving/furrowing risks


The livestock insurance policy covers

  • cows
  • sheep
  • goats
  • pigs
  • horses
Geminia Livestock Insurance


What is the basis of claims settlement?

  • The policy covering insured animal(s) must be in force.
  • Provision of Veterinary certificate of loss.
  • Provision of a written post-mortem report from a qualified veterinary surgeon

What is not covered?

  • Transit risks of insured livestock in the event that Geminia Insurance is not informed 3 days prior to the transportation.
  • Losses arise from feed or spray poisoning.
  • Death of animals arising from pre-existing conditions.
  • The inability of the insured animal to perform the tasks for which it is employed for.
  • Treatment and vaccination costs.
  • Theft of animals in areas prone to cattle rustling and banditry actions.
  • Unaccounted disappearance.

What are the requirements of the cover?

  • Duly completed proposal form
  • Copy of ID & PIN certificate
  • Veterinary Certificate of Health completed by a qualified veterinary officer
  • Good animal husbandry

How do I sign up for this cover?

  • You can visit any of our branches countrywide
  • Speak to your agent or brokers
  • Call us on 020-2782000
  • Email:

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