Crop Insurance

What is Crop Insurance?

This policy covers physical loss or damage to growing crop directly caused by; drought, incontrollable pests and disease, hailstone, flooding, malicious damage, fire and lightning, earthquake, riot and strike, explosion, and windstorm

  • Cover farm assets and equipment including irrigation facilities.
  • Cover for harvested produce
  • Cover for greenhouses
  • Multi-perils Crop Insurance
  • Horticulture Insurance
  • Named Peril Crop Insurance
  • Area Index-Based Crop insurance
  • Weather index Based Crop Insurance
Geminia Crop Insurance


Which crops are covered?

Maize, wheat, sorghum, barley among other field crops.

What are the benefits of taking this cover?

  • Guaranteed return on investment in crop production.
  • Improved sustainability of crop production by enhancing access to credit.
  • Creditworthiness in the eyes of financial institutions.
  • Reduced need for cash reserves and emergency borrowing in case of a loss.
  • Peace of mind

How does this work?

The insurance pays for the yield shortfall below the guaranteed level which has been occasioned by the physical loss of or damage to the growing crops directly caused by insured perils.

What are the requirement from the farmer?

The farmer is required to complete the proposal form and pay the premium quoted by Geminia Insurance

How do I sign up for this cover?

  • You can visit any our branches countrywide
  • Speak to your agent or brokers
  • Call us on 020-2782000
  • Email:

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