Bankers Blanket Insurance

What is Bankers Blanket Insurance

This policy provides protection to financial institutions against financial loss as a result criminal activities like, employees infidelity & theft, embezzlement, forgery, hold-ups and fraud.

  • Cyber and computer crime
  • Loss of property on premises
  • Loss (of money and other valuables) whilst in transit
  • Forgery or fraudulent alteration of checks, bills, drafts, money orders, etc.
  • Losses incurred by the insured in the ordinary course of the business whilst dealing with securities such as share certificates, stocks, bonds, debentures, promissory notes, deeds, mortgages, certificates of deposits, letters of credit, etc.
  • Loss incurred by the insured due to receipt in good faith of any counterfeited or altered paper currency
  • Loss of or damage to offices and contents, which includes but is not limited to furnishings, fixtures, equipment, stationary, etc
  • Loss or damage to ATMs and cash in the ATMs
Geminia Bankers Blanket Insurance


Who can take a Bankers Blanket Bond insurance cover?

A banker blanket cover can be taken by Banks, Saccos, and even Microfinance.

Does a financial institution need a separate cover for loss of cash by hold up ?

A financial institution will not require a separate money cover as long as they have taken up the Bankers Blanket policy.

Does the BBB policy cover a financial institution that has operations/branches in other regions?

Yes, the BBB policy takes care of all the branches declared at the point of cover inception.

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