Burglary Insurance

What is Burglary Insurance

This policy covers the loss of or damage to the property insured arising from forcible entry and exit from the insured premises.

  • You are Covered in the event of theft in your property following forcible entry and exit from the premises.
  • Damage to your property during the theft
  • Riot, strike & civil commotion
Geminia Burglary Insurance


What does Burglary Insurance Cover?

Covers losses arising from forcible entry or exit from the premises

What are the exclusions in this cover?

  • Excluding theft by servants, employees or the insured’s immediate household
  • Excluding losses arising from fire and allied perils
  • Excludes losses to money and plate glass (Covered under Money & Plate glass policies

Who needs Burglary Insurance?

Homeowners, Tenants and Business organisations that would like to protect themselves from financial loss suffered due to burglary

What claims documents are required?

  1. A duly completed claims form
  2. Police abstract
  3. Books of accounts-stock, sale/purchase invoices before the loss
  4. An incident report from the security firm/alarm company/ guards at the premises
  5. Any other documentation that may be specified

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