Marine Cargo

What is Marine Cargo?

Our Marine Cargo policy protects against losses and/or damage to goods whilst in transit from the port of loading to the final destination.

1. Perils of the sea -Fire, storm, collision, sinking, earthquake & explosion
2. War & Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion
3. Extraneous Perils -Theft, rain water damage, & non-delivery

Claim Form


Proposal Form



What is the claims documentation required?

  • Original marine certificate
  • Statement of claim
  • Original Commercial Invoice
  • Original Packing List
  • Original Bill of Lading – both sides
  • Original Imports / Customs entry
  • Original Port / CFS Release order
  • Original Delivery Note / Consignment Note
  • CSU inspection report
  • Disposal Certificate
  • Correspondence exchanged with the relevant third parties regarding the damage /loss
  • Short-landing certificate – only in claims involving short-landing
  • Any other documentation that may be specified

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