All Risk Insurance

What is All Risk Insurance

This policy covers loss arising from loss or damage to property insured by fire, theft, or any accidental mean not specifically excluded. It is suitable for items such as cameras, projectors, laptops, or any other items which are used outside the premises.

  • Fire and Peril – This policy protects against loss or devastation brought on by explosion, lightning, fire, or household appliance
  • Theft whether with force or not
  • Accidental damage
Geminia All Risk Insurance


What is All Risk Insurance?

This is an insurance policy that covers all potential risks, such as loss or damage to insured property brought on by terrorism, riot and strike activity, theft, accidents, or any other unforeseen cause anywhere within the defined geographic area.

What is the Claims Documentation Required?

  • A duly completed claims form
  • Police abstract
  • Purchase receipts/ invoices
  • Replacement receipts
  • Any other documentation that may be specified

What are the exclusions under the All Risk Insurance?

  • Excludes theft by servants or employees
  • Excludes wear, tear, or gradual deterioration
  • Excludes losses arising from electrical or mechanical breakdown or faulty operation

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