Motor Commercial Insurance

What is Motor Commerical Insurance?

This policy protects the insured’s motor vehicle against financial loss that may result from theft of the vehicle or its accessories, Fire, road accidents, and other natural perils e.g floods. The insured can choose the level of coverage ranging from, Third party & Third-party fire and theft and Comprehensive.

  1. Motor commercial own goods – Cover taken for commercial vehicles that are being used solely by the business and not for hire or reward
  2. Motor commercial general cartage- Cover taken for commercial vehicles that are being used for hire or reward1.e Transporters
  3. Motor commercial School/institution Bus – Cover is taken for busses used to ferry staff or students. A passenger Legal Liability(PLL) extension has to be taken up to cover the passengers E.g A bus that has a capacity of 54 will have a PLL extension of 54 people with each being charged at Kes 500



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What are the cover benefits?

  • Protection, recovery & removal after the accident (towing charges)
  • Windscreen
  • Liability to Third Parties – Death or Bodily Injury:
  • Liability to Third Parties – Property Damage
  • Medical Expenses
  • Political violence and terrorism (optional benefit)

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