Aviation Insurance

What is Aviation Insurance?

This policy provides protection against physical damage to the aircraft and legal liability arising out of its ownership and operation maintenance

  • Aircraft damage
  • Passenger Legal Liability
  • Third-Party Liability arising from property damage or injuries to third parties
  • Airport Owners/Operators’ Liability
  • Aviation Personal Accident for the crew
Geminia Aviation Insurance


Who can take an aviation insurance cover?

Aviation insurance can be taken by ;

    • Aircraft owners
    • Aircraft ground handlers
    • Airport contractors
    • Corporate aircraft operators
    • Commercial general aviation

When is the plane covered?

The plane is covered while.

  • In operations (in flight)
  • during maintenance and
  • when it is in the hangars
  • When moving within the airport

How is aviation insurance premium calculated?

Aviation insurance premium will be determined by our reinsurers and they will consider the following;

  • Type of aircraft
  • Make and Model of the aircraft
  • Usage of the aircraft
  • Passenger/Cargo capacity
  • Limit of liability requested
  • Pilots Experience
  • Age of the aircraft

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