Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone)
Proposal Form

Elevate Africa Summit 2024 - Nairobi Kenya

– Please read carefully and fill out the entire document.
– All questions must be answered in full, and BLOCK letters.

Unmanned Aircraft System (Drone) Proposal Form
Part 1. Proposers Details
Part 2. Proposers
Part 3. Coverage Information
  • The type of coverage offered is Third Party Liability Only.

  • The Limit for Third Party Liability is USD 35,000.

  • Main territory of the drone operation is Kenya Only 

Note: Please note that third-party liability covers damage to third-party property and injuries to third parties arising from the use of the drone. Any loss or damage to the insured drone is not covered. 


Part 4. UAS details

Please complete the following table with details for each unit to be insured:

Part 5 Premium Payable - US Dollars 

Option 1 

  • Number of Days - 7
  • Premiums Payable - $21

Option 2

  • Number of Days - 30
  • Premiums Payable - $35

Option 3

  • Number of Days - 60
  • Premiums Payable - $71

Note: Premiums Indicated above for a single drone. For fleet cover, please multiply it bu the number of drones.

Part 6 Geminia Insurance Bank Account Details
  • Account Name - Geminia Insurance Company Ltd
  • Bank Branch - I&M Bank LTD | Kenyatta Avenue | P.O. Box 30238-00100 Nairobi
  • Account Number  - 00100017611210
  • Bank Branch- Kenyatta Avenue 
  • Currency  - USD
  • Bank & Branch Code  - 57-000
  • Bank Swift Code - IMBLKENA

I/We do hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the statements set forth herein are true and complete.Further, no material facts have been missed or misrepresented. I/we agree that the proposal together with any other information supplied shall form the basis of any contract.

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