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Geminia Travel Insurance (#12)

Why Choose Geminia Travel Insurance

Medical and Related Expenses

Cover provided for medical expenses related to illness or injury, including hospital and doctor’s costs, prescription medication, surgery, evacuation, and repatriation.


Delays in delivering luggages or loss of luggage.

Personal Accident Insurance

Capital sums paid in the event of death or permanent total disability following an accident. Medical expenses following an accident are covered under the medical section. Age limit (14 -65 Years)

Personal Liability

If you become legally liable for accidental death, bodily injury or illness of any third party person or loss or damage to third party property
we will pay for claims made against you. Liability from criminal activities and being in control of a mechanically propelled vehicle is however excluded.


The policy only covers incidents occurring after taking out the insurance and before embarking on the journey.
Reasons: Serious illness, Work-related reasons, Natural disasters

Curtailment Insurance

The policy covers cost of interrupting the contracted trip upon reaching your overseas destination.
Reasons: Serious illness, Work-related reasons, Natural disasters

Legal Expenses

This covers fees, costs and expenses of any kind incurred by any person indemnified herein and its counsel in investigating, preparing for,
defending against or providing evidence, producing documents or taking other action with respect to any threatened or asserted legal action. This could also arise from involuntary breach of laws & regulations of the host country.

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